Project for MP2

ISOTOPE PROJECT- DUE DATE 12/3/15 and 12/4/15

Follow the direction and prepare a powerpoint presentation including 10 slides.
1st slide: Title, Name and Date
2nd- 9th slide: for each application of isotope
10th slide: answer the questions given 
Must include pictures and graphics in all slides. 

Extra credit: 10 pts if you include videos/audios in at least 4 slides.

Application of Isotopes project.doc

In class project: Complete 3 assignments from the tic-tac-toe
tic tac toe assignment-atomic structure.doc


Project Due date: TBD

Project Due Date :12/18 for period 1

You can work in a group of 2/3. The directions for the project and the rubrics are attached below:
STEAM project- Atomic Structure rubrics.doc 
STEAM Project-Chemistry Atomic Structure Project.doc

Some useful websites to help make e-presentations: