Extra credit assignments

Marking period 1

tic-tac-toe extra credit assignment for MP1doc

Marking Period 2

Due Date for both extra credit is 4/7/14. You can email your project.

10 points towards the test.
Make a rap video on ionic compounds. Must be at least 10 lines or more. Must include the concepts of the ions, cations, anions, ionic bonds, valence electrons, Lewis diagram, formulas and names of ionic compound in the rap. Language should be clear and respectful. You can work with a partner.

5 points towards the test.
Choose a positive ion and a negative ion from the periodic table. Make a story about how they attract each other and a compound (name and formula) is formed from them. The story should have a flow and must have a beginning, middle and ending. Must use conversation between ions.

Marking Period 3

Due date 12/5 (A Day) or 12/6(B-Day).

1. Extra credit - 10 points towards the lowest quiz grade. 

Print and complete the worksheet from the following website.

Marking Period 4


1.Extra credit - 10 points towards the lowest test grade. 

To get extra credit you need to complete three assignments in a row or column or diagonal. Everything should be typed.
Volcano Energy change TicTacToe activity.doc

2.Extra credit - 10 points towards the lowest quiz grade.

Print the document. Must complete all the pages and handed in.