Chemistry Class Notes
Marking Period 4 

Video 2 Types of Chemical Reactions

Video 1 Introduction to mole

Video 2 Introduction to moles part 2

Video 3 How to calculate molar mass

Balancing Chemical Equations

Types of Chemical reactions notes

Acids and Bases
Acid Base powerpoint.ppt

Marking Period 3

Atomic orbital powerpoint
Atomic orbital powerpoint #1.ppt

Marking Period 2
Video- The Development of Atomic Theory

Rutherford's Gold foil experiment

Cathode Ray tube experiment by Thompson

Atomic Theory Notes
Atomic Theory powerpoint.ppt

Isotopes Notes: How to calculate average atomic mass
isotope-weighted avg.pptx

Characteristics of Periodic table
The Characteristics of Periodic Table notes.ppt

Atomic orbital powerpoint
Atomic orbital powerpoint.ppt

Atomic Structure
Atomic structure.ppt

Drawing Bohr Diagram
Drawing Bohr Models.ppt

Nuclear fission and fusion notes
Nuclear fusion and fission notes.ppt

Marking Period 1

Videos showed in class for notes

Safety rules

Rules to determine significant digits

Accuracy and Precision

Metric Conversion

Metal, nonmetal video

Classification of matter

Acids and Bases

Powerpoint notes

Properties of matter powerpoint.ppt

Digits powerpoint.ppt

Scientific notation powerpoint.pptx

Metric Conversion using Ladder method
Metric conversion powerpoint.ppt