Course Offerings

Available Instrumental Music Courses

Concert Band, Grades 10-12 (Full Year, prerequisite required)

This course is for students grades 10-12 with prior instrumental experience. Students will further their skills by learning and playing in a concert band setting. Music repertoire written specifically for concert band will be studied. In addition to the participation in class, students will be required to attend one instrumental lesson per week, as well as a winter, spring and graduation concert performance. Students are expected to practice a minimum of 2 hours per week, outside of the class period. Freshman Band, Grade 9 (Full Year, No Prerequisite, beginners welcome)

Designed for students in grade 9 with prior instrumental experience & those students who wish to learn a musical instrument in a small group setting. The course study will include music reading, music theory and proper playing techniques on all Band instruments. Students are expected to practice 2 hours per week and attend one instrumental lesson per week.

Music Appreciation (Semester Course, No Prerequisite)

This music course is designed to increase awareness, appreciation and theory of Music; by listening to, responding to, and analyzing music from across historical eras. Students will trace the development of Western music genres from their beginnings to present day through the exploration of composers’ lives, and the historical and social contexts of the times.

Intro to Piano (Semester Course, No Prerequisite)

This is an introductory course in the fundamentals of piano keyboard performance. Classroom topics include the study of musical notation and symbols, the performance of simple melodies, standard scaled and chord progressions, folk songs and popular music. Students will also perform ensemble music, with an emphasis on rhythmic accuracy and tempo pulse control.

Below is the grading rubric used for all performance based assessments in Concert Band and Intro to Piano courses.