Health Occupations/Dynamics of Health Care in Society
Health Occupations is also called Dynamics of Health Care in Society. This is a dual credit program that allows students the unique opportunity to gain 3 tuition free college credits with Rutgers School of Health Related Professions through an articulation agreement with the university.  Students will take college level course work in this class to prepare them for their future in health care.  Students also spend two hours per day in a clinical setting obtaining "hands on" experience in three different health care settings. 
     The students begin their year by receiving their clinical experience
Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  The students will learn about the various types of ancillary services and testing that is done in an acute care setting. The students will also learn about the duties, testing and training that is necessary for these members of the health care team. Students will also learn medical terminology, medical abbreviations and about the anatomy of the human body and its relationship to various diseases and medical conditions.
    The final clinical experience will take place at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Rahway. Here the students will learn about acute care facilities and the related testing, medical conditions and medical conditions and the related roles and duties of the various members of the health care team.  
    Students will also participate in community service projects to help prepare them for their role as future health care members  and serve as Advisory Peer Mentors. This year they will also adopt a senior citizen and create a scrapbook on the life of the senior citizen. Community service is stressed in this course and in the Health Occupations Program.