Jhong, Merida


Spanish is the language of Cervantes, Quevedo and Neruda; it is the official language of 21 countries and is spoken for more than 329 millions around the world. In the United States, Spanish is spoken for more than 45 million people according to Instituto Cervantes (the major Spanish language institution in the U.S.) and is the second most spoken language after English. Also, in New Jersey, there is a large population of Spanish native speakers. There are some puissant reasons to learn this interesting, multicultural language.

El mundo en tus manos

  Ms. Merida Jhong
Ms. Jhong is a Spanish teacher with 16 years of teaching experience in Peru and the United States. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Spanish language and literature from Universidad Catolica Santa Maria, Arequipa, Peru. Currently, she studies for an advance degree in Spanish as a Second Language.