School Counseling

Roselle Schools
Counseling and Guidance Department


The mission of the Roselle Schools Counseling Department is to provide for the educational, career, and social/emotional needs of our students.  Our counselors work in collaboration with staff, parents, and our community, in order to strengthen the whole student.  We strive to develop their decision-making; to encourage students’ exploration of their interests; to broaden their awareness of themselves and the community/world around them; and to realize their potential in creating and achieving goals and opportunities in the future.  The counselors strive to enable students to acquire the educational and social competencies needed for their growth toward lifelong success and effective, responsible citizenship in a diverse and changing world.

Why we exist
The school counselor's role is to foster personal responsibility in students as they work toward becoming successful 21st-century citizens. The mission of our school counseling program is to support all students through a comprehensive and developmental approach by addressing academic, career, personal/social skills necessary to achieve quality learning and lifelong success as directed by the Roselle School District and the New Jersey Department of Education.

Our plans for the future
The Roselle Schools Counseling department strives to continuously improve its role in the school and community as facilitators of change; leaders of school improvement; partners in educational excellence; coordinators of collaborative community efforts and managers of student competency attainment.

About Us
Our School Counselors are all members of the American School Counselors Association, New Jersey School Counselors Association, and the Union County School Counselors Association, as well as, the National Association for College Admissions Counselors, National Association of Social Work and New Jersey Association of College Admissions Counselors. All counselors enjoy working with a wonderful team of caring professionals whose mission is to deliver a comprehensive counseling program that helps all students understand themselves better and strive towards their potential.