A cappella Audition Information

Congratulations on your decision to audition for the 2015-2016 Leading Tones of Abraham Clark High School. Mr. Daniels directs the Leading Tones. This a cappella group is a small vocal ensemble dedicated to the performance of a cappella music of all styles and time periods. Due to the size and competitive demands of the group , members must be able to sing their vocal part independently of the group,  be comfortable singing by themselves in front of an audience, be able to sing in tune, move well and most importantly be in great academic standing. The Leading Tones rehearse three days a week after school. There are also planned sectional rehearsals. Please DO NOT audition if you can not commit to these rehearsal times! Additional practices will be added pending on the performances scenario.

Auditions are in two parts, a solo audition and a group audition. The solo auditions will be held the week of June 9, 2015. Please see Mr. Daniels for an audition time.

The group portion of the audition starts on Monday, June 15, 2015. Students should report to the music room no later than 3:30. A call-back audition might be necessary. A call-back list or audition results will be posted outside the choir room and on Mr. Daniels’ school site.

Lastly, DO NOT audition if you are not ready to make the time commitment necessary to ensure our success on the stage and in the classroom! This is serious business – and a heckuva lot of fun. Music is great that way.

To participate in this program you must:
1. Be sure you have the appropriate audition materials and that you are prepared for the audition.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice! You may get help with your audition materials from ANY and ALL sources. Including private teachers, professional musicians, staff members, musical friends, parents,  http://www.awesomeaudition.com, or wherever else you can.
  2. See Mr. Daniels or send him an email for an Audition time.
  3. Come to the group audition. You must do both parts of the audition. It’s the only way in.

• Solo Audition – Scales and a pop song solo of your choice.
• Group Audition –Like I'm  Going to Loose You  (You must learn your choral part (SATB), if you want, you can do the solo as well)

SCALES - Major scales - Low and High (primarily to demonstrate range) and an 8-note chromatic scale starting on D. All scales must be sung a cappella on AH.

SOLO, Sing any contemporary pop, rock, country, gospel, ect. solo you would like and don’t be afraid to go for it! You can use the background tracks (look on youtube for title of song, artist and karaoke) or sing it a cappella. You choose the song so sing one that shows you off! If you are going to use background tracks, practice with them and know how to access them on YouTube or have them with you when you on CD, ipod, ect. when you audition.

GROUP SELECTIONS, Note tempo markings, dynamics, style, duration of notes – again, EVERYTHING COUNTS! You must learn your choral part, if you want, you can do the solo as well but it’s not required. There are audio learning parts for I Going to Love You  on Mr. Daniels’ School webpage site.

***Vocal Percussionists*** – Please be prepared to do the vocal percussion to Like I'm Going to Loose You.

Like I'm Going to Loose You sheet music

Like I'm gonna lose you satb
Like I'm gonna lose you soprano
Like I'm gonna lose you- Alto
Like I'm gonna lose you tenor
Like I'm gonna lose you bass
Like I'm gonna lose you - Solos
Like I'm gonna lose you - Vocal Percussion